Samuel Ajibola | About Me
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About Me

Who is Samuel Ajibola?

SAMUEL AJIBOLA is a natural-born, versatile and intensely disciplined Actor, Model, Master of Ceremonies and an inspiration to Children. Born for the Screens, and an indigene of Nigeria’s Fountain of Knowledge, Ekiti State, Samuel Ajibolawon his first movie role at an early age of 6 when veteran Nollywood Producer, Opa Williams auditioned and introduced him Tears of Love, a popular Movies of the 90’s.

My Biography

After his successful outing in Tears of Love, little boy Samuel featured in dozens of other Nigeria Films, becoming Nigeria’s Kid Actor of the Year in 3 consecutive years.
Early rise to stardom worked good for Samuel Ajibola. He was the go-to actor when directors wanted a professional child actor. He began 1995 and was still growing strong by 2003. Fame, Yes! Fortune? Yes! But Samuel Ajibola, desired something that will give more opportunities, more inspiration, more value and more personality.
He took a Nollywood-break!
He break made no industry-sense until he returned with a in Political Science from the University of Lagos. In addition to that, he earned a Diploma in Acting the Centre for excellence in Film and Media Studies in Lagos.
With a first degree on his Résumé, and a Career Diploma to sharpen his Skills, a more confident Samuel Ajibolamade a Nollywood comeback. Roles already awaiting him in The False Prophet, a TecoBenson Movie. Then, he featured other Feature Films like Last Flight to Abuja, and Short Films like Sun Eje.
In 2014, he was honoured as Nigeria’s Best Actor in a Short Film. And in 2016 he won the Best Actor in Comedy, obviously for his hilarious role as ‘Spiff’ The Johnson’s: a Nigerian series which airs on Africa Magic.
Before The Johnson’s, Samuel had featured in MTV’s Shuga. His recent exploits as Spiff in The Johnson’s confirm he is here to stay.
Samuel Ajibola, has today, become an inspiration, especially to talented kids.
Aside being able to easy relate with and love his Spiff character on The Johnson’s, children are inspired by his early childhood exploits, his choice to get an education, and his determination to come back to the stage that made him in the first place.
Samuel is the first child of one of Nigeria’s Military Veteran, Rtd. Commander Lanre Ajibola who is married to Irene Ajibola. After Samuel, the Ajibola’s also had 3 bright children –two of them men, and third a beautiful Lady.

Mission Statement

To remember where I have been and where I will go through maintaining positive relationships with family and friends. To identify and nurture talents of gifted children from their early years. To find happiness, fulfilment, and value in living. To choose the ethical way by making a personal commitment to honesty and integrity.
TO, CONSISTENTLY, GIVE 100% towards my goal. To build a reputation of being dedicated to every goal I choose to pursue while having successes in both my personal and professional life. To give 100% To be worthy of the respect and admiration of family, friends, and business associates.

Career Goals

My short term goals are to learn new skills every quarter. Read new books every month. Expand my Vocal Production skills. Improve on my physical looks, and aggressively go after acting jobs that reflect my type.

My medium term goal is to be a Nollywood super brand, and incorporate my own Foundation for Talented Kids in the medium term.

My long term career goal is to establish my own Production and Company. A futuristic firm that will discover more gifted kids in their early years, and groom them from Children to Super Nollywood Stars.


I love Swimming, Driving, Reading, and Cooking. I’m also passionate about music. I play the Piano, Drums, and recorder since Primary School. Swimming, driving, reading, cooking, etc.