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Best Actor in a Comedy Series
Best Comedy Actor.
Nigeria Reliable Icon Award (2016)


Best Actor in A Short Film Actor (Sun Eje). InShortAwards


Best Kid Actor (Day of Reckoning) REEL Awards
Best Kid Actor (OnomeII) REEL Awards
Best Kid Actor (Eye-witness) Rhema Awards

What SAM Can do for Brands

1. On behalf of your brand, Samuel Ajibola can create a TV Series for Kids with unique characters that kids will relate to. These series will be educational TV Series that offer a fresh perspectives. The series can be aired on DSTV and on other local TV Stations across the Country. The Series will be both entertaining and educating.
2. An experienced Master of Ceremonies, Samuel Ajibola could be the official host for a staged event, Children Party, Receptions, Annual General Meetings etc. He has to skills to keep your event flowing, keep the energy and enthusiasm of the audience high, and make them feel welcomed.
3. A PR publication says: “Word of mouth and peer recommendation are the most effective forms of advertising, and their effectiveness is further amplified when the persons talking about a product or a service are individuals who have established their authority and credibility around a certain topic or subject matter…” Samuel Ajibola is a willing Brand Advocate.


4. In Bootcamps kids are taught life skills using various means. These kind of Bootcamps guarantees your brand is socially responsible. Since your Brand is seen as helping Kids them to grow deep, so they can grow big. Samuel Ajibola can produce Bootcamps.
The idea could also be a more focused Summer Bootcamps for TALENTED KIDS
Master of Ceremonies